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Rainbow Fruit Loop Rainbow Treat Tubes

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Looking for a simple St. Patrick’s Day party activity or treat for your child care group? Rainbow Fruit Loop Rainbow Treat Tubes works for all ages and it’s fun to make and then eat. Simple supplies and no prep!  You will need the Wilton Pretzel Rod Bags to pull this together.

Rainbow Fruit Loop Rainbow Treat Tubes

Rainbow Fruit Loop Rainbow Treat Tubes

Have the children help sort the Fruit Loops by color into bowls. Then decided how many of each color will be dropped into the bag. Children can work on color sorting, counting, and following directions as well as fine motor skills while helping make a treat they can eat or take home. You could also pre-make them for party favors.

Needed Supplies:

Rainbow Fruit Loop Rainbow Treat Tubes


  1. First place mini marshmallows for clouds in the bottom of the bag.
  2. Next, layer the sorted colors of Fruit Loops in rainbow order.
  3. Top with additional marshmallows if desired or simply tie with a yarn or twist tie.

Looking for more rainbow activities?

I have lots more Make rainbows in the snow Make a Fruit Loop Necklace or make a paper Rainbow Sculpture. Still have some snow? Make rainbows in the snow! Rainbow Jell-O Cups are fun too!

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