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Apple Fingerpainting Rhyme

It’s officially apple season! Back to school and fall is the perfect time for all things apple in the preschool classroom. This sweet apple fingerpainting rhyme is fun for little learners to explore the different kinds of apples and the mixing of colors. You might want to add this to an Apple Tasting activity to make it multi-sensory. Introduce food and you will have everyone’s attention!

Apple Fingerpainting Rhyme with printable template

Apple Fingerpainting Rhyme Preschool Activity

We know that apples can be yellow, red or green, but usually, children only get offered the red apples which tend to be sweeter. Try looking at an apple. What colors do you see? Often we find the apple isn’t even 100% red!

Prettiest Apples fingerpainting rhyme printable

Simple art and sensory activities like apple fingerpainting sure make life easier for family child care providers and PreK teachers! Just download (at the end of this post) and print the template on copy paper or cardstock.

We love all the fall preschool apple theme activities so we add in these printable apple activities.

Place a small amount of each color – red, yellow, and green- paint on a paper plate. I use small paper plates all the time for child care! They are awesome for snacks or art and craft projects.

apple fingerpainting rhyme

Read the rhyme and see what your little artists create. Each apple will look different! I encourage them to make dots or paint areas, but however, it turns out will be perfect. Enjoy this fun fall apple printable in your child care center or preschool. Parents love to display seasonal projects like this.

Apples can be yellow, red, or green. Aren’t these the prettiest apples you have ever seen?

Download the Apple Fingerpainting Rhyme

Prettiest Apples fingerpainting rhyme printable

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