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Dinosaur Eggs Preschool Activities

In our dinosaur theme from Experience Preschool curriculum, we learned that all dinosaurs hatched from eggs. Dinosaur eggs varied in size depending on the size of the dinosaur. We enjoyed a variety of dinosaur eggs preschool activities over several days when we learned about parts of a dinosaur including, egg, head, tail, feet, and body.

E is for Dinosaur Eggs Preschool Activities

First, we painted a letter Ee page. Each month we receive three letters and three coloring pages like this. We don’t just color them. Sometimes we paint with watercolors like shown here. Other times we’ve painted with frozen ice cubes, or added tissue paper or yarn.

painting letter E Experience Curriculum page

Everyone likes using watercolors. They are colorful and the process is fun. For some, it’s just a little introduction to letters. For the older ones, they can trace the letters and focus on phonic sounds.

Dinosaur Eggs Preschool Activities - E is for egg

Kinetic Sand and Eggs

We have to pull out kinetic sand and dinosaur eggs every once in a while! It’s a great way to explore dinosaur eggs and fossils.

See this post all about Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play.

Dinosaur Egg Math

Using simple Easter eggs and chain link manipulatives that Experience Early Learning provided, we played a fun math game that really allowed me as an educator to assess each child’s math skills and challenge them to learn new concepts.

Egg inside dinosaur math activity

I filled each egg with a few links, varying the numbers in each one.

The child opened two eggs and counted the number of links in each egg. Then we added the number of links together.

Dinosaur Eggs Preschool Activities math game.

This was pretty easy for some kiddos so we also tried subtracting. The five year old also separated her links into groups. Excellent, super easy and fun math experience!

Mussaurus Egg Shakers

We think of dinosaurs as being huge, but they came in all different sizes. The Mussaurus dinosaur was small and sometimes called “mouse dinosaur”. We learned they were plant eaters. For this lesson about this small dinosaur, we made Mussaurs egg shakers. Make & Play activities are just that – we make a prop or toy to play with.

Each child scooped some rice into their paper soufflé cup and I hot glued them together. Then they colored them as desired. So fun to shake these and dance!

Hatching Egg Art

Our focus shape this month was the oval so it went perfectly with our dinosaur egg lessons.

Cutting a crack in a paper egg.

First I drew a “crack” line on the egg shape. The children cut the jagged line so their egg was cut in two, like it cracked.

Preschooler cutting paper egg.

They they glued it on their page and painted or colored it as desired. You can also allow them to cut the egg into pieces and put it back together like a puzzle.

Preschooler painting an egg shape with a dot painter bottle.

I know some of my kids will chop their egg into tiny pieces and never be able to put it together! While this is fine too, I didn’t want them to be disappointed so I guided their cutting a bit to be more purposeful.

Painted paper egg project.

Fine Motor Egg Transfer

I’m a big fan of using what I have or multi-purposing items for play. For example, we used scissor scoops to transfer rattan balls from a tray to a Mancala game board.

Rattan ball fine motor transfer game that coordinates with Dinosaur Eggs Preschool Activities.

The toddlers especially liked this activity but it’s great for any age to work on fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

Egg Shape Matching

This egg matching set was everyone’s favorite. They played and played with the eggs. Obviously, they are not exactly dinosaur eggs, but they still extended the dinosaur egg theme, and shape review is always a plus!

The eggs are perfect for little hands to match colors and shapes, plus use in dramatic play nearby in the play kitchen.

Dinosaur Eggs Preschool Activities shape matching.

More Dinosaur Activities

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning