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About the Day Care

I started caring for children in my home in February 2004.  My son was just over 1 year and I wanted to be home with him.  I was working at an office in Madison, 4 days/week.  I felt I wasn’t able to accomplish as much as I wanted to at work or at home.  Also, our desire to add to our family caused me to think seriously about a job at home.  Brett was in a family child care setting and after experiencing this kind of care for my child, I felt that was something I could do, provide quality child care in my home.

I started with two children part time, two mornings a week.  After some advertising and lots of referrals, within two years or less, my child care was full.

Hey-Diddle-Diddle Day Care got its name from when Brett was a baby. He had some Carter overalls with a cow jumping over the moon that said “Hey-Diddle-Diddle”.  When he was just a few months old, I would say “hey-diddle-diddle” and he was smile and kick!  He loved it.  I also liked the theme of moon, stars, and the idea of the cow doing something extraordinary.  The name and theme has been successful. It’s cute, memorable and I was able to make it mine while still being familiar to all.

HDD baby
Brett 3 Months old

Family Child Care Posts

Family Child Care Posts