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Easter Egg Water Sensory Play

Make an Easter Egg Water Sensory Play bin with colorful eggs, pastel water, and some glass marble gems. It’s irresistible!

Easter Egg Water Sensory Play

Easter Egg Water Sensory Play – A simple and quick sensory bin for Easter. I used:

My varied age group – from 10 years – 14 months (with supervision, of course) all enjoyed it!

Easter Egg Colored Water Sensory Play

About this sensory play experience:

  • water is always inviting!
  • color draws interest
  • eggs float or sink depending on if there’s water in them
  • water will drain from the holes in the egg
  • marbles can be used to fill the eggs – shaking creates sound
  • eggs offer fine motor fun when they are opened & closed
  • eye-hand coordination development when little ones try to “catch the egg” as it floats
  • sensory experience involves the senses of touch, sight, and hearing -the soothing sounds of water and socializing (sometimes taste too, with the little ones, although that’s discouraged!)
  • allows for group play
Water Bin Sensory Play for Easter

Wash hands before and after sensory play. Supervise always when water and small objects are used. A small use of food coloring does not stain hands.


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