• Chocolate Marshmallow Raspberry Cake
    Chocolate Marshmallow Raspberry Cake
  • Roll-A-Rainbow Game
  • Rainbow Waffles
  • Strawberry Salad
  • Rainbow Mosaics
  • Winter Citrus Plate
  • Grape-Nuts Frozen Yogurt Bar
    Grape-Nuts Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Bars
  • Rainbow Ice Cube Painting
  • Sponges in the water table
    Sponges in the Water Table
  • Rainbow Painted Toast
  • Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplays & Songs Printable Cards
  • Banana Raisin Bran Muffins
  • Spring Styles at OshKosh B'Gosh
  • Bugs in the Grass Sensory Play Bin
  • "Hoppy" First Day of Spring Art

How to Organize Your Cats

I like order in this house. Maybe this is going a little far…ragdoll cats

Winterton claimed his file box (on the left) long ago when he was kitten. He climbed up from my desk, to the shelf and then higher over to the file box and still naps in it nearly every day.  This is on the shelf over my desk, it’s high up. Stormy always seemed a little jealous of Winty’s file box so I cleaned one out for him the other day too.

ragdoll cats

Winterton seems to be saying, “Why do you have to be up here by me?” Stormy says, “Ha ha. She loves me too.”

ragdoll cats

Stormy seems to like it well enough!

ragdoll cats

Aww, they are good little friends! Love my boys!

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Finger Paint Flower Garden | Printable Template

Finger Paint Flower Garden Template

It’s finally starting to feel like spring! I created a simple flower template page for my preschoolers to paint. I love how they turned out – perhaps even the 2 year old’s the best!flower painting collage

It’s quite open ended allowing the child to paint the flowers however they choose but gives a guide to start with.flower painting 5 flower painting 4

Finger Paint Flower Garden Paintings

Print template on cardstock. Allow child to paint as desired with a variety of colors.

flower painting 3 flower painting 2

Download Printable Template | Google

Finger paint flower garden template coverFinger paint flower garden template flower painting 1

For more preschool gardening theme ideas, see my Pinterest board: Preschool – Gardening Theme

preschool gardening theme

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Celebrate Spring & Easter with Pick ‘n Save Recipes #mc #MyPicknSave #CollectiveBias #shop

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

Celebrate Spring & Easter with Pick 'n Save Recipes #mc #MyPicknSave #CollectiveBias #shop

This is a meal I love to make in the spring and it’s perfect for your Easter celebration. Dinner or brunch, this light meal tastes and looks like spring! I am always excited for the first time I can pull out my spring tablecloth, sparkling crystal and spring decor! Making a special meal doesn’t need to be stressful or complicated. It’s wonderful when a meal can be simple, beautiful and tasty without hours of prep. Everything you need for this traditional Easter meal {with a twist} can be found at Pick’n Save, a Wisconsin Grocery, the place to shop for fresh “Every Day” food, summer, fall, winter or spring. This is exactly the meal I’ve made for my family so I’m pleased to share it with you along with #MyPicknSave and #CollectiveBias.


Celebrate Spring & Easter with Pick ‘n Save Recipes #mc #MyPicknSave #CollectiveBias #shop

Get Ready for Easter at #MyPicknSave#MyPicknSave Easter

I started with finding fresh produce, bakery rolls, deli meat a cake mix and extras at Pick ‘n Save.

fruit salad #mc #MyPicknSave #cbias #shop

Watermelon, fresh pineapple {cored for $3.99!}, raspberries, blueberries, oranges, grapes, kiwi make a colorful and yummy salad.

Ham & Asparagus Rolls #mc #shop #MyPicknSave

  • Ham & Asparagus Rolls with Hollandaise Sauce
  • Light main dish for brunch or dinner.
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
8 15 20




  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Rinse and trim asparagus.
  3. Boil water and blanch asparagus spears. Do not overcook. Remove from water.
  4. Roll 3 spears (more or less depending on size) in a slice of ham.
  5. Lay seam down in a sprayed baking dish.
  6. Prepare hollandaise sauce. I used: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/hollandaise-sauce-recipe.html
  7. Bake asparagus rolls 15-20 minutes.
  8. Pour hollandaise sauce over rolls and serve.

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Ham and asparagus are a wonderful combination and dressed up with hollandaise sauce. Don’t let that scare you – hollandaise is super simple to make!

asparagus #shop #MyPicknSave #eastereaster dinner #shop #MyPicknSave

Deviled eggs and black olives, egg bread rolls from #MyPicknSave bakery.

angel food cake #easter #shop #MyPicknSave

Beautiful iced angel food cake for dessert. A simple powdered sugar icing tinted with food coloring dresses it up.

easter dinner with #MyPicknSave #shop #cbias

Super simple decorating fancies the table. These are all things I have in my kitchen. Use what you have! Pretty paper napkins keep clean up a breeze too. Orange juice and 7Up with fruit garnishes to drink.

Celebrate Spring & Easter with Pick 'n Save Recipes #mc #MyPicknSave #CollectiveBias #shop

Fresh flowers are a must for spring! Pick ‘n Save has amazing flowers. I CAN NOT pass them up. Who else has irises in March or early April? Lovely. I chose white lilies, yellow carnations and lavender irises bunches – 3 for $12.00.

Celebrate Spring & Easter with Pick 'n Save Recipes #mc #MyPicknSave #CollectiveBias #shop

Happy Spring!

Connect with Pick ‘n Save: Pick ‘n Save | Twitter  | Facebook  | Pinterest

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Keeping in Touch & Saving Money with Scratch Wireless #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Scratch Wireless. I received a product sample to facilitate my review.

Keeping in Touch & Saving Money with Scratch Wireless #MC

Brett’s been enjoying his new cell phone, a Motorola Photon Q Android device through Scratch Wireless. It’s a new wireless company that offers free text, data and voice services when connected to Wi-Fi. It’s perfect for us, really, since he doesn’t need it all the time and when he can use it, he’s able to inexpensively. He’s always connected to Wi-Fi at home of course and can connect at school too during times when they have permission.

Keeping in Touch & Saving Money with Scratch Wireless

With Scratch Wireless data and voice services are free when he has access to Wi-Fi and texting is always free. This came in especially handy one morning when he missed the bus. He said, “No problem Mom, I can run down to the next stop.” I couldn’t watch him and when he didn’t come back, I assumed he made it on the bus but I worried wondered if he really made it to the bus or not. That’s not a good feeling! So I texted him and he replied that he was on the bus.

Brett just started using Instagram! He’s liking it! It’s a good way for him to begin using social media and connect with some family and friends. He likes seeing what a friend posts or responds to and since I’m on it too, I can see what he’s up to and give him some guidance in using it.

He’s also using the ChoreMonster website which we bookmarked and put as a icon on his main screen. Then he can login and see what chores he needs to do for the day. It certainly helps him be independent and learn responsibility!

A few times I’ve needed to leave for errands or appointments before his Dad came home, leaving him here for a bit on his own. He’s comfortable with it but now we feel more comfortable knowing he can contact us if he needs or wants to.

The phone itself has been great. He’s said he loves the keyboard and it makes texting for a first timer so much easier. The phone has all the features he needs and wants. Great phone! I could certainly use Scratch Wireless service for my cell phone after my contract is up since I’m on Wi-Fi most of the time. That would make my cell phone use dirt cheap!

He’s also been able to use the data and voice passes that allow him to call or use data when he’s away from Wi-Fi. It’s a monthly fee of $15 or pay-as-you-go access to calls or data for $1.99 per day. I like that the pricing is straight forward and simple to understand.

Another fun thing is that Scratch Wireless gives away a Motorola Photon Q Android device through it’s “Fan of the Month” contest. To enter, all you have to do is comment on the Scratch Wireless Facebook page with what your monthly wireless bill costs. Go and enter now to win a phone yourself!

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Spring Cleaning with OxiClean Laundry & Dish Products #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for OxiClean. I received three product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

OxiClean Laundry & Dish Products

OxiClean Laundry & Dish Products #MC  These are my hardest stains to work with – tomato sauce and red paint. I don’t like sending home my child care kids home with stained clothing so if they somehow get their clothes this dirty, I try to clean them. This one was a double whammy – tomato sauce and red paint. Short time period to work on too – during nap time before pick up. 

OxiClean Laundry & Dish Products #MC OxiClean Laundry & Dish Products #MCOxiClean Laundry & Dish Products #MC

I used OxiClean Laundry Detergent that contains three powerful stain removers and smells great. I used the OxiClean liquid detergent, but time-saving detergent paks are also available. Try this great stain fighting laundry detergent on tough stains like grass, oil, grease and red wine. I won’t lie, it took some work to get these stains out quick but it worked! I sent the outfit home wet since I didn’t have time to dry it and told the mom to please check it over before drying it to see that it was stain free. She said “You must have done a good job, I don’t see any stains!” Success! Thank you OxiClean Laundry Detergent!  

OxiClean Laundry & Dish Products #MC OxiClean Laundry & Dish Products #MC

I use these washcloths for hand towels when my day care kids wash their hands. I like that they’re white so they can be bleached once in a while – they do get food or paint stains on them. Really they’re in great shape yet, but are looking a little dingy.

OxiClean Laundry & Dish Products #MC

I used OxiClean White Revive Laundry Stain Remover on them. It uses bleach-like whitening without the damaging effects of chlorine, works on the toughest stains, and keeps whites looking newer longer. Combined with OxiClean Laundry Detergent, it brightened these white towels without chlorine, harsh fumes, fear of yellowing them or damaging the colored trim. white towels

I also tried out the OxiClean 4X Extreme Power Crystals. They worked well for me, the dishes were definitely clean. Unfortunately I only got to use it once before my dishwasher died and we’re still waiting for the new one to be delivered. I can’t wait to see what the Power Crystals can do in my new dishwasher! oxiclean dishwasher

Power Crystals dissolve cloudy film and spots on dishes, removes stains, even tough marks like lipstick on cups and tomato stains on plastics – another thing that really irritates me! OxiClean 4X Extreme Power Crystals come in Fresh Clean or Lemon Clean scents, either in a bottle or paks that save time and are quick and mess free.

Whiten, brighten and clean your home this spring with OxiClean products! Find OxiClean  online and on Facebook.

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